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Sea Cucumber Soaking
  1. Boil water in a pot. Switch off the fire once it bring to the boil. Put in sea cucumber and place it until water cool.
  2. Soak the sea cucumber in cool water.
  3. Put into refrigerator.
  4. Repeat above procedure until sea cucumber become soften. Keep refrigerated and change water 2-3 times a day. (Time needed according to the size and types of sea cucumber.
  5. Cut open the stomach of sea cucumber, remove the intestine for use.

How to choose?


There should be a fresh sea cucumber smell, but not musty smell.


It should be deep-brown or even black in color. Prickly sea cucumber should be shiny black and bright. There are no spotty or molds.


  1. Better to choose some “short and wide” which means the sea cucumber meat is supposed to be thick. Its shape should be no defect, the larger the size for a better quality.
  2. Better to choose sea cucumber which is plump and with less wrinkle.
  3. If there is water stain on the surface of sea cucumber, touch with your hands to see if the sea cucumber is sunken to determine the sea cucumber was mildewed or not. Shake the sea cucumber, not to choose it if a lot of grayish white carbon powder falls.

Sense of touch:

  1. Pay attention to whether the sand inside the sea cucumber was washed away.
  2. The sea cucumber should be absolutely dried.