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Since childhood, living above my family's dried seafood store, I have developed a strong bond with this business. 70 years ago, my grandfather started On Kee as an upper level store. Today, On Kee has expanded to 5 retail stores across Hong Kong. Although our business model changed over the years, we continue to treasure our relationships with customers and employees.

On Kee focuses on bringing in high quality products while attempting to generate high sale volumes at fair prices. We adapt a high clarity, and concise retailing approach to gain customers’ trust and loyalty. I have always honored my predecessor’s core value of honesty. In order to ensure our customers get the best for every dollar they pay, we serve our customers in an honest, sincere, and genuine manner.

As the third successor, I will continue to honor our traditional values, and also expand our business through innovation. For the past 10 years, we have made significant changes to our product line, image, and retailing approach. Through the strong collaboration between employees, and constructive advices from our customers, On Kee is able to establish a reputation of selling high quality products in a consistent fashion. I am pleased with the success that we enjoy.

Our fifth store in Causeway Bay opened in July 2016 and we are excited to serve more customers in the Hong Kong Island region. I hope in the future, On Kee can bring these traditional products to different areas of Hong Kong in a modernized retail approach. Lastly, I would like to thank my family, customers, and employees for their support. I will continue to grow and prosper On Kee’s business.

Managing Director, On Kee Dry Seafood. Co. LTD
President & Founder, The Association for H.K. Catering Services Management LTD